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Supercharger Rebuilds, Rebuild Kits, Upgrades and Accessories

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Supercharger Upgrades
Supercharger Upgrades
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Supercharger Accessories

Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)
   Compact BLV
   The Mega BLV

Fuel Rail Gauge

Hi-Performance Blow Off Valve

Race Coolers® Model 1020 Intake and Intercooler Chill System

Race Gas® Concentrate

'Supercharged' Tag

Supercharger Belts

Supercharger Debris Screen / Air Flow Straightener

Sur-Grip® Pulley Coating

Temperature Indicator Strips

Paxton Upgrades and Parts
Paxton Novi 1200 and 1220 Performance Impeller

Paxton® Rebuild Kit

Paxton High-Speed Seal Set Novi 1000, 1200, 1220, and 1500

Paxton Rebuilds

   Paxton Performance Rebuild
Powerdyne Upgrades and Parts

Pulleys and Tensioners

   6-Rib Powerdyne Supercharger Pulleys
   6-Rib Powerdyne Supercharger Pulleys with Sur-Grip®
   8-Rib Powerdyne Supercharger Pulleys
   Smooth-Side Powerdyne and Vortech® Pulleys

   Belt Tensioner Assembly for Powerdyne Installs
   Powerdyne Pulley Accessory Kit
   Powerdyne Pulley Spacers


   High-Performance Impeller for Powerdyne Superchargers
   Impeller Housing Clamps for Powerdyne Superchargers
   Replacement Impeller Shaft for Powerdyne Superchargers
   Replacement Sprocket and Shaft Assembly for Powerdyne Superchargers

   Standard Rebuild Kit
   Performance Rebuild Kit

   Competition Belt
   Continental Super-Torque Belt
   Gates GT Belt

   Powerdyne Replacement Volutes

   Impeller Shims for Powerdyne, Vortech®, Paxton Superchargers

   Powerdyne Outlet Volutes for all Powerdyne BD-10, BD-11, BD-11a Superchargers

   Universal Adjustable Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)

   Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Powerdyne Superchargers

Powerdyne Rebuilds

   The Super Powerdyne
   Performance Powerdyne Rebuild
   Standard Powerdyne Rebuild

   Venting and Shimming - add boost and service life to your Powerdyne

   Volute Resurfacing - repair damage to your Volute or case

ProCharger Parts

           8-Rib Power Pulleys for ProCharger P-1 and D-1 Series Superchargers

           8-Rib Pulleys for ProCharger P1 and D1 series Superchargers with Sur-Grip®

           High-Performance Impeller Shaft Seal for ProCharger®

           ProCharger Performance Rebuild

           Pulley Spacers for ProCharger Superchargers

           Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for ProCharger Superchargers

Raptors and Parts

Pulleys and Tensioners

   6-Rib Raptor, ProCharger, Vortech® Supercharger Pulleys


   Factory Rebuild Kit for Raptor Superchargers

   Raptor V Centrifugal Superchargers

   Raptor V Internal Drive Belt

   Universal Adjustable Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)

   Universal Raptor Supercharger Bracket

Raptor Rebuilds

   Raptor V-Series Rebuild

Rotrex Parts

Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Rotrex Superchargers

Vortech® Upgades and Parts

Pulleys and Tensioners

  6-Rib 20mm shaft Vortech® Supercharger Pulleys
  6-Rib 17mm shaft Vortech® Supercharger Pulleys
  6-Rib 20mm shaft Vortech Supercharger Pulleys with Sur-Grip®
  8-Rib 20mm Vortech® Supercharger Pulleys
  Smooth-Side Vortech® Pulleys

  Vortech® Pulley Spacers


   Twin-Lip Seal Set for Vortech® V1 V2 V4 V5 V7 V9 XB-1a

   High-Performance Impeller Shaft Seal for Vortech®

   Impeller Shims for Powerdyne, Vortech®, Paxton Superchargers

   High-Performance Impeller for the Vortech® S-Trim

   Premium High-Speed Ceramic Bearings for Vortech® Superchargers

   Premium High-Speed Rebuild Kit for Vortech® Superchargers

   Premium High-Speed Seal for Vortech® V1 V2 V4 V5 V7 V9

   Vortech® Rebuild Kits

   Universal Adjustable Boost Limiter Valve (BLV)

   Universal Supercharger Mounting Bracket for Vortech® Superchargers

Vortech® Rebuilds

   Standard Vortech® rebuilds

   The Super Vortech® S


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